Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family creates value

The idea of writing this blog came to my mind when I was in Ahmadabad for my summer internship.Apart from the Gujarati splendor what I witnessed was a quite different type of business lingo. The bosses and the sirs were replaced by bhaiyaa, bhai or even pappa. Even though the firm that I worked for happened to be a B-School but things were no different over there either. In fact this lingo was more common when the discussion was among the higher-ups in the firm.So what was so different about the businesses in Ahmadabad or rather the Gujarati style of functioning? It was the style or type of ownership. They were the Family owned businesses (FoB).

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too Big To Fail

I have always wondered, why things are so hard to change even when we are at a consensus that they must. Take the case of corruption, inefficient bureaucracy, casteism, communalism... the list is endless. The reason is that they have become "too big to fail (TBTF)". Take the case of government office saddled with corruption. Though a lot of people are at a receiving end due this menace but they are mostly the external stakeholders of this system. On the other hand, those benefiting from it, the peon, the kirani babu and the bada saheb can directly affect this system and most importantly, they are a sizable lot characterized by greed. In order to satiate their insatiable desire, they go out of their way to guard their territory.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ICT based distance learning programme - IV

In this fourth and last blog of this series, I will share the framework that I have developed for a model distance learning institute. 
The learner centric model for a Distance Learning institute
Note: C&A:Curriculum & Assessment, LR:Learning Resources, Infra:Infrastructure (Technical and Physical)