Monday, December 23, 2013

AAP ki sarkaar : Will it succeed?

Those who follow cricket could relate to the scenario, “An underdog, not even having an outside chance, goes on the offensive and starts giving the opposition more than just a scare. Suddenly the underdog realizes that s/he can even win the contest. But that’s when the tide starts to turn i.e. the thought of success invites failure.” Some may attribute this to AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) as well when they were presented with the idea of forming the government in Delhi aided by Congress party’s “unconditional” support. This set “the cat among the pigeons” and rest as they say is history. 

While the jury is still out whether “referendum” was needed or is Congress’s support worth relying upon, in this post, I would rather focus on what lies ahead if AAP’s government is indeed formed? I must say I am really excited about this development even though my opinion would have been a NO to Mr. Kejriwal’s question during the referendum.