Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Anna moved the nation?

It’s ironical but true. It took a 74 year-old to mobilize one of the youngest nations (in terms of demography) in the world that too using the methodology of satyagraha which till the recent past was touted as being out of sync with modern India. In fact many felt “Gandhigiri” was more the "in thing". A nation that saw cricketers and movie-stars being identified as “youth icons” certainly was suddenly enamored by a Gandhian.  The Sydney Herald calls him “The New Gandhi”, The Times quoted, “Anna Hazare: How One Activist Brought the World's Largest Democracy to Its Knees” and so on. After all it was unthinkable that a metro centric- mobilization would reach such humongous proportions. So, how did Anna manage to strike the chord? 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Double Dip: The likely impacts on India

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about why double dip was a possibility in the US? Now after the S&P downgrade of the US debt, it seems that the sentiments have really turned for the worse though fundamentally things haven’t changed a great deal. But what if the double dip materializes and what lies in store for India if US is engulfed by the economic crisis? Let’s discuss them.