We all are human beings, full of ideas and thoughts. What are the options available to us? Keep one’s views to oneself, share it with your friends or reach out to the like-minded people whom you may not know in person. But why is this exchange of ideas important? What purpose does it serve? Or for that matter what’s the benefit of “igniting the discussion”?

My answer to the above set of questions is: It’s important as it helps you improve upon your thoughts, it's important as it helps you know the other side of the story, it’s important as it helps your voice reach the concerned authorities, it’s important as it helps you reach out to the curious minds and it’s important as it will help you at least achieve self satisfaction.

SAKETVAANI is the voice of a common man who could be young or old, a student or a teacher, from the rural background or the urban setup, who is confused or curious. The genesis of SAKETVAANI lies in the desire to discuss those issues that we feel strongly about but can’t find the right platform to discuss them. It’s a humble attempt to simplify the jargonized knowledge imprisoned in the books. It’s an attempt to look beyond the obvious.
It’s not about having the final word rather it's about igniting the discussion. 

It doesn't matter who has lit the matchstick as long as it has fire. But will you limit yourself to lighting the fire or will you enlighten the world? The Choice is yours!