Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Framework for containing "Crime against Women"

The New Year is knocking on the doors and despite many negative occurrences in the past year, hopeful signs lie in store for the coming year. The hope stems from the fact that the youth has risen and they have shown appreciable calmness and intelligence despite being provoked by the politicians and the police. While the effort is commendable, unless some meaningful gains are achieved in this "fight against crime committed on women" (you may refer to these gains as “baby steps”, “low-hanging fruits”, “quick wins” etc.), it may end up being just another “flash in the pan”. 

Let us try to arrive at the solution of limiting such crimes or inhibiting the growth of such criminals. Without claiming or sounding like an expert on this topic, I think we can divide the life-cycle of a criminal into two parts i.e. pre-crime and post-crime. For the sake of simplicity, we would limit the criminal life-cycle till the final sentence has been awarded. Also, we would focus on “crime against women” though I feel this framework can be extended to other types of crime as well. As outlined in the exhibit below, the post-crime part can be further sub-divided into three stages, Excused, Pro and Trial.