Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marketing strategy for Vodafone

This presentation was developed for the telecom giant Vodafone as a student project.

Is the future bright and orange or dark and gloomy?
Falling revenues, tightening margins, changing regulations, technological changes: the obvious connect is Indian Telecom Industry. So, is the future dark and gloomy for the mobile service providers? Well not exactly. With MNP (mobile number portability) round the corner, the quality service providers do have an edge with the empowered customer now having more choices. Add to that with the spectrum for next generation mobile technology 3G going under the hammer early next, the falling could have a solution. And if you could catch the long tail i.e. the vast untapped rural sector, you might hit the jackpot
According to our extensive customer survey and interactions with the retailers, these are our recommendations for creating value as well as differentiation.

Service:A well informed customer is a happy customer: The value added service provided by most mobile companies can be subscribed with just one press of a key. But rather than fast subscription, aim should be to educate the customer properly about our services so that we have loyal subscribers rather than a duped one. This will also lead to proper utilization of the basket of services being provided right now
Free first five plan: If the call disconnects before 5 seconds, don’t charge the customer. More often than not, a faulty network is characterised by call drop in the initial few seconds itself. Paying for such a call is a major source of dissatisfaction. This step will show that we don’t want the customer to pay for network discrepancies.
Recharge on the move: There could be a tie-up with Indian Railways so that recharge coupons could be sold by vendors at railway stations as well as on running trains
Vodafone Broadband: This will go a long way in exploiting a vastly untapped market. This service will help Vodafone graduate from being service provider to a solution provider.
Inter-circle number portability: With MNP round the corner, customer retention is going to be a big challenge. So going for inter-circle mobile number portability could be a future revenue source.
Exam related alerts: An student say an MBA aspirant could register himself for exam or forms related alerts. This will help tap a customer who is formative as well as mature and above all large in number.
Loyalty plans:Preferred time to call: A promotional call at odd hours leaves a customer dissatisfied and doesn’t help in attracting customers. Through our customer care, we can ask the preferred time to call for our customers. This will give this exercise a personal touch as well increased success for our promotions.
Reminder linked free SMS: We could ask our customers to register the birthdays as well as anniversaries of their near and dear ones and send them personalised free SMS for those days. This will help in building long-term relationships.
Usage based free talktimes: To celebrate our long term relationship with high value customers, plan such as free 100 min talktime for next six months who are more than 6 months old and monthly usage above Rs 1000.
Promotional campaigns:
The next speaker of India: A programme, ‘The next speaker of India’ could be launched at the school level in where school kids have to buy a Rs 50 card and dial a number through a Vodafone connection and record a 3 min speech. The best speaker wins the prize. We could test it at the district level.
Idea generation scheme for retailers: As the retailers are at the frontend of the value chain, they could be the repository for ideas that help us identify as well as fill the existing demand. So a monthly idea generation campaign should be initiated in every district with participation of the retailers.
Catching the long tail:
Regional Tastes: Tie up with regional movie makers for wallpapers, ringtones etc of the new releases Kisaan cards: Launching Kisaan cards of suitable denominations say Rs 500 with free alerts related to mandi rates, weather conditions, agriculture related news.
PPP (public private partnership) for NREGA: We could enter into a PPP with the Indian government for launching low cost NREGA phones for labourers. It will have SMSes and voice messages in regional languages concerning government schemes especially NREGA.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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